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Complex Consturction

Complex and Lightweight Construction Solutions Stages & Pricing Guide

We specialize in both complex and lightweight construction solutions, offering flexible options to meet diverse architectural needs. From robust wooden structures to efficient lightweight buildings, our team ensures quality and durability. We provide end-to-end solutions, from initial design to final construction, tailored to your specific requirements.

Complex Construction Solutions

Our expertise in complex construction solutions allows us to tackle robust architectural projects with precision and quality. From the initial design phase to the final build, we ensure every aspect is meticulously planned and executed to meet the highest standards of durability and functionality.

Lightweight Construction Solutions

Vinson offers innovative lightweight construction solutions that are both efficient and versatile. Our team specializes in creating durable structures that meet diverse architectural needs, from design to completion. We provide flexible options tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring quality and efficiency in every project.

Complex and Lightweight Construction Solutions Stages & Pricing Guide

Request your detailed stages and pricing guide for our Complex and Lightweight Construction Solutions. Fill in your details to download a concise PDF with all the essential information on project stages and costs.


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  • What is the first stage in Vinson's architectural concept process?
    The first stage involves a topographical survey, tree inventory, vegetation assessment, site photographs, preliminary building layout, environmental impact assessment, and architectural sketches.
  • How does Vinson detail their projects in the second stage?
    In the second stage, Vinson provides a detailed architectural project plan, tree cutting or transplanting plans, fire safety project, and transportation scheme.
  • How much will the architectural concept service cost with Vinson?
    The architectural concept service costs start at $10 per square meter for the first stage.
  • What does the third stage of Vinson's architectural concept process include?
    The third stage includes structures planning, an engineering project, construction expertise, and a construction organization project.
  • What additional benefits does Vinson offer in their architectural concept service?
    Vinson offers planning of internal partitions, furniture planning, engineering communications plans, interior 3D planning and rendering, detailed material specifications, and cost accounting for materials, labor, machinery, transportation, overhead, quality control, and cleaning.
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