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Interior, exterior and landscape design

Interior, exterior and landscape design Stages & Pricing Guide

Our interior design service transforms spaces into bespoke environments tailored to your preferences. We provide detailed consultations, space planning, and 3D visualizations to bring your vision to life. Our expertise extends from layout configuration to the selection of materials and finishes, ensuring a harmonious and functional interior.​

Interio Design

At Vinson, we transform your spaces into personalized havens that reflect your style. Our detailed consultations, space planning, and 3D visualizations ensure a beautiful and functional interior you will love.

Exterior Design

Vinson’s exterior design service elevates your building’s appearance with impressive and enduring façades. We use innovative materials and sustainable practices to create visually stunning and long-lasting exteriors.

Landscape Design

Vinson’s landscape design service creates breathtaking, sustainable outdoor environments. From gardens to patios, we design beautiful and functional landscapes that enhance your property’s natural beauty.

Interior, exterior and landscape design  Stages & Pricing Guide

Request your detailed stages and pricing guide for our Interior, exterior and landscape design service. Fill in your details to download a concise PDF with all the essential information on project stages and costs.


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  • What is the first stage in Vinson's architectural concept process?
    The first stage involves a topographical survey, tree inventory, vegetation assessment, site photographs, preliminary building layout, environmental impact assessment, and architectural sketches.
  • How does Vinson detail their projects in the second stage?
    In the second stage, Vinson provides a detailed architectural project plan, tree cutting or transplanting plans, fire safety project, and transportation scheme.
  • How much will the architectural concept service cost with Vinson?
    The architectural concept service costs start at $10 per square meter for the first stage.
  • What does the third stage of Vinson's architectural concept process include?
    The third stage includes structures planning, an engineering project, construction expertise, and a construction organization project.
  • What additional benefits does Vinson offer in their architectural concept service?
    Vinson offers planning of internal partitions, furniture planning, engineering communications plans, interior 3D planning and rendering, detailed material specifications, and cost accounting for materials, labor, machinery, transportation, overhead, quality control, and cleaning.
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